General Manager

Let us not forget that at the end and after all we buy experiences human own or referred with a company (read with its people) and/or its products and/or services but linked them to treatment or behavior that gives its people. IN THAT MOMENT WE ARE OR CEASE TO BE IMMERSED IN THE CRISIS? 1. In principle: let us not forget that in times of Crisis where money becomes a very scarce, customers leave of side the services/products of those not cared or not developed intelligently with clients its good name and prestige. 2 Then: do not we? We’ll be misled believing that our customers are and will remain faithful or loyal?. It is that we call them FAITHFUL, only because they repeat their purchases with us not?. Will maybe not be only clients retained on the basis of good prices, a timely stock, exclusivity or products or any legal, credits long and very flexible or limitations by the momentary managerial ineptitude of its competitors? 3 And have wondered: how you, your managers and your commands in your company, have the ability to listen as sincere and activates the voice of the customer? How much are willing to accept that it is what they say their products and/or services, their inconsistent or cumbersome or bureaucratic procedures and systems? not should know the image and experiences that gives its people? Find out their bewilderment and discomfort with its continuous changes or layoffs or bad treatment to your friends we are talked of his people! Do not worried the bad environment and low morale that they feel and? that is transmitted by his people and is not nothing but faithful image and quality of your manager and current controls? is not you assaults them with bad product/services, using as a main point of purchase that costs less? Is it not by now have no other better option than buy him? Do you think that they will very soon or in the long run not charge for all this? For all conversed, obviously, if you don’t want to enter in CRISIS or wants to get out of her, has a single strategic option: Guide across your enterprise customer. Do not miss one second more, you need to install the Total quality service, and is not anything other than excellent service without excuses and in this, each and every one of the levels of your company are responsible for (General Manager until the employee monitoring), or otherwise change, will not be felt or perceived by your customers.

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