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The ROELA OF the ENO In this assay of reading of Roela music of the Eno, of authorship of Jovelino Lopes and Teodoro, composed in the year of 2006 and interpreted by the pair sertaneja Teodoro and Sampaio, I search to understand the functioning of the directions and the subject position as the theory of […]

Armenian Aramaic

PRESTIGE: – Armand as having Armenian letters? Arman Revazian: – I will be neither the first nor the last to refute the opinion of academics that the alphabet to Mashtots Armenian people have been deprived of pleasure to have their own alphabet. Today, gathered as many facts that continue to talk about it just besmyslenno. […]


To help the child to develop its self-control, if it makes necessary a poster or picture written clearly the minimum rules of functioning, as well as the instructions of each day, but one remembers that its son this fighting to surpass this deficiency in the nervous system and does not have to feel itself ashamed […]