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About The Norwegian Fjords

Norway is one of the countries of the world, which is developing the promotion of tourism, especially in the summer season from June to August. One of the main natural attractions are the fjords of Norway. I guess most of the tourists, who have known his own eyes the Norwegian fjords, to Norway next summer, […]

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The term depression is defined by psychiatrists and psychologists as a continued state of mind with these main features: (1) sadness. (2) Low self-esteem. (3) A feeling of helplessness. (4) Lack of hope. There are a variety of other symptoms such as missing insomnia, anxiety, irritability, lack of appetite sadness is not equivalent to the […]

Single System

I just read an article that deals with the establishment by the Government of Venezuela of a security system in image and likeness to the Cuban. Me persigno and I pray for our brothers. What can be born as a needed change in Venezuela, after many corrupt governments some time ago has ceased to be […]

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USA Strange System

The system for electing the US President is very complicated. He is not that takes more votes nationwide. Each of the 50 States has its own number of electors, which passed in its entirety to that win there (albeit by the difference of one vote). In 2000 Al Gore won with more than 500,000 votes […]

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Benjamin Franklin

Jorge Paulino electrical engineer from the Paleolithic, the hominid feared ever forces of nature especially volcanoes and lightning. The first studies of atmospheric electricity has become in the 13th century by Benjamin Franklin, through an experiment that consisted in placing a metal bar under a storm cloud. In the experiment that would go to a […]

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