Haisong Jian, graduating in Biotechnology of the University of Rugters, of twenty-eight years of age, managed to deceive to the guard of security of the departure lounge and to only cross the doors of the departure lounge, reserved for passengers, with the unique intention to give a last kiss to its fianc2ee. When the guards of the Administration of Security of the Transport of the airport of Newark, the United States sighted the young person, closed the place during six hours. This last and innocent kiss left beached totally during that time to thousands of passengers when being paralyzed the transit within this terminal. Soon they had to repeat all the process of preboarding. The young person could be stopped thanks to the security cameras and now she will have to appear before the court and she could be condemned until with thirty days of jail imputed in the crime of illegal crossing. It will be a kiss for the memory for this enamored young person. Original author and source of the article

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