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Central Government

No power does not have its own oligarchy. The monarchy as sovereign of the diversity of independent identities constituent of an entire people as decisive as nation representation is not power only by solidarity that makes possible the plural union nationalistic or partisan under the same flag, but by its equity compatible as reorganization of […]

AKP in Turkey

The recent decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Turkey to admit pending a lawsuit against the Party of Justice and Development Party (AKP) has generated discomfort and uncertainty in pro-European circles in Brussels. The Court accuses the AKP of raping the Constitution, violating the principle of secularism, imposed in the twenties of […]

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QA Manager Organization

The implementation of systems of quality management under the standards ISO 9000 series is has been spreading exponentially the last two decades in Latin America. It is increasingly common to find organizations with certified quality management systems. The senior management of each organization, promotes their implementation under the hope to have medium-term with more competitive […]