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Do You Use Your Imagination ?

Do You Use Your Imagination? Many gurus preach "the principles of copy" for small business owners. That is, they recommend not to try to "reinvent the wheel", however, if told to take a proven business model and copy it. Some also say that if you use your imagination just get problems. I personally disagree with […]

Central American Presidents

Crossbred horses soul today July 28 meets a month of the coup in Honduras, and from that moment the Hondurans and the Honduran are mourning, some living as in concentration camps, and curfew usually at night. Come to my mind and in chronological order the following developments: missing five minutes to six o’clock in the […]

CRM Systems

To date, most of the leaders of their companies start to think about automation and accounting for its activities: sales account management or client base, but the economic crisis makes it impossible to implement local systems. The high cost of implementation and support. Comes to the aid sisetmy SaS or software on lease to maintain […]