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Biometric Systems

Biometric systems, for the control of assistance, are used by many organizations, with the purpose of increasing productivity. The fact that employers want to achieve better dividends, in the activity carried out is not an invention. After all, the successful management of a business can be summarized in: invest little to win a lot. Biometrics […]

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Direct Ignition System

The high generated vltaje is divided according to the relative pressure of the cylinders. Cylinder that is on the compression stroke will require and consume more discharge voltage in comparison with the twinned cylinder that is on the exhaust stroke. This is because an electric spark leads better in high-pressure environment, as it is a […]

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Largest Underwater System

The adventurer has accompanied two researchers in the discovery of a complex system of interconnected caves. It is the culmination of 14 years of research. He is the last true exploration. What’s left to explore the planet is in the interior of the Earth. Thus defines this new adventure Jesus Calleja, a radical immersion that […]