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Neurolingustica Programming

Our personality is a set of ” yoes” that sometimes they enter conflict of interests Using one ” metfora” it is a species of Congress, or Parliament, and at the time of the voting on a subject in particular, something exceeds what there is to decide, ” mayora” , it raises to the hand by […]

Corsari Tower

Course the coast of the South west, a earth with mining past whose last signs prevail like a characteristic characteristic. Beyond the zooming and fabulous bay of Cove Domestic servant, one of most beautiful of Sardinia, and the old mining town of Buggerru, is arrived finally at the beach of Portixeddu. The coastal section that […]

Hotel Tariffs

The hotel tariffs would stay stable in 2009 due to the uncertainty in the sector Tourism product of the world-wide crisis, indicated Osvaldo Librizzi, President of the Starwood Corporation for Latin America. For this reason, the companies will aim to increase their services, mainly for the corporative segment, with the purpose of to desestacionalizar the […]