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The Venezuelan

On the other hand VENEZUELA, where it is known that exports from Venezuela to Brazil have also declined in recent years, but like Brazil, a recovery in Venezuelan economy could mean placement 4 times greater within the scope of MERCOSUR. Brazil is currently of special importance for Venezuela, by its strategic significance in national aspirations […]

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Make Easy Money

If, it is the answer to the question of if money by Internet can be won. It is not a easy task, it is necessary effort, creativity, and dedication. You do not have because preocuparte, we go to ensearte all the necessary one to begin to make money from Internet. What is the formula to […]


Livana specializes in handicrafts export category leathers. We have the best raw materials and with specialists in avant-garde fashion. Each product details a rigorous follow-up, since his sketch, his court, your seam, until the satisfaction of each client. Livana you will find the best quality, unique design and the accessible value, the perfect combination to […]

Chinese Mining Industry

The effects of foreign policy on Chinese mining industry With the decline of global resources and resource grade, more and more resource-exporting countries note that the resources are scarce and non-renewable. And the choice of primarily process raw ore and then export will become major trading future of the undeveloped countries which not only can […]

Functional Foods

Last Saturday I was carrying to visit my family and I heard a theme that I like to talk about it. Functional foods, the right foods that will feed one and well here is something I want to share what functional foods are the way to eat healthy, is healthy meal where are those foods […]

Official Gazette

Already in the Internet server the database is decompressed and puts into production.This OFF-LINE operation ensures safety in the the cooperative server, is not accessible, and also facilitates the cooperative presentation of movements stop.Users as well as administrators must enter validating your user name and password. The operations carried out shall be: queries of savings, […]

Cellular Aging

After age 25 your body starts to leave the collagen of producer, i.e. starts to lose the ability to create enough collagen, thus begins with the aging cycle. Therefore, it is very important to begin to learn to manage and combat this natural process in humans. By increasing the levels of collagen in the body […]

North American Edison

I met a woman who lived several months in his car and left their children with family to be able to work. Their need was such that became a millionaire based on an extraordinary effort in multilevel sales. Not went from night to morning, but you could remove the family from poverty and achieve what […]

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Recalls that the motivation the you have to look inside you. It is a fire that you can re-booting when your want. For example, a my I love dancing. Yesterday I signed up at a gym in my neighborhood in which classes of salsa, reggaeton and Latin rhythms. I went yesterday and not can’t explain […]

Paris Area Travel

Paris is a fascinating city. The French capital has captivated generation after generation, large and small. And that is, And who does not know its most famous monuments? The Eiffel Tower is a global symbol, the cathedral of Notre Dame has one of the most famous legends in history thanks to Victor Hugo’s novel, a […]

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