Monthly Archives: December 2013

Barcelona Vacations

In order to spend pretty vacations it is necessary to plan them or and with certain anticipation, that is to say, several weeks before the departure date since it will be necessary to decide the destiny, the day of the trip, the place of the lodging, etc. Nowadays, much people is choosing to go to […]


You who are shy feel in the one for this curse that is the shyness. Hinders it you to make some things, also to namorar, to be with that person who you really like, to make more sex, etc The shyness is an arrest, you wants to get rid itself of it, but it does […]

Felt Behaviors

The auditory individuals prefer to hear; The auditory canal is structuralized to leave of the use of the felt terminal/of the hearing, … had to the multiple interferences the one that is subject, as much in the proper act of hearing as, mainly, at the following moment of translation of this stimulaton … if relating […]

European Championship

Raul Rioja 20 m the Gauls do not planted battle thinking of avoiding a possible crossover with Lithuania. Not played or Tony Parker or Noah, the French coach did not seek victory. Spain WINS Group and is measured in quarterfinals the winner of the Eslovenia-Finlandia. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Spain qualified […]