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Ahead of the capacity to control its desires, the anorxica resigns what in the truth it is demand. This dynamics becomes each time more fragile the limits between the life and the death, but the anorxica is remained in this dangerous threshold, where if it restores an ominous game with the Other, in way that […]

Attraction Money

8 laws of attraction money. Everything in our lives is subject to certain laws. There are laws of success, the laws of communication, there are laws of wealth. And successful people consciously use them to attract money into your life. And you too can take example from them and learn these important rules. Perhaps because […]

The Pencil

B cavities contain water vapor and heat, they increase the pressure with respect to the environment. After that they go through the pores out. Upon cooling, the reverse process. Pencil “breathe”. 5.Karandash not as harmless as it considered. Hacksaw after cutting raw wood much rust. This affects the action of the juice of the tree, […]