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Electrical Systems

The electrical supply system includes useful elements for the generation, transport and distribution of electric power and the media. This set consists at once of mechanisms of control, safety and protection. It is a system of integrated type as well as having distributed control systems, is regulated by a system of centralized control that enables […]

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Access Control

Access control systems are used in companies, government agencies, military establishments and other institutions to safeguard the security of the facilities of the possible attack or violation of privacy by vandals or trespassers. Card access systems are used to prevent admission to areas such as condominiums, offices, depots and other facilities. They also eliminate the […]

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Systematic Approach

Happiness and the Rainbow never look at home, only at House of others. Proverb companies increasingly more must prepare to face the changes and the challenges that presents the current trade scenarios, where the management responsible for its operation, requires acting with an objective view within its own organizational culture and according to the characteristics […]

Tracking Systems

Tagging and Tracking (finding and tracking) systems are used in many applications in modern life.The most recognizable for the common people are those related with motorways under concession, in which by passing through a portico, the Asset Tag of the vehicle reacts to the RF signal sending information to the portico. These applications implicitly are […]