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Spanish Medicines Agency

The Association of consumers in action (FACUA) has identified 28 web pages that supply drugs in Spain illegally. This tracer study aims to alert consumers of the existence of fakes that can seriously harm your health, in the absence of the guarantee offered by, for example, a pharmacy, explains Ruben Sanchez, spokesman of FACUA. In […]

Andoni Zubizarreta

Decision not to denounce the attitude of the coach of Madrid, Jose Mourinho, in the last minutes of the return of the Supercup match last Wednesday at the Camp Nou took a joint directive of Barcelona and the coaching staff. And it responds to the desire of not to pour more fuel to the fire. […]

Stock Market Family

SORT AND STOCK MARKET FAMILY Tatiana Conceio Cavalcante Peace SUMMARY the research is about the ascertainment of the Social Rights of the woman ahead of the Politics Publishes, therefore they are regulated in the Federal Constitution of 1988, however, the guarantee is the essential objective of the understanding of the paper of the referring woman […]