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The Imation Odyssey

The storage system Odyssey removable hard disk Imation is a removable hard drive solution for a range of data storage environments, storage applications such as high security, as an alternative to tape backup for servers level entry or any other circumstances under which it is necessary to store and access data quickly and safely. The […]

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CRM Systems

To date, most of the leaders of their companies start to think about automation and accounting for its activities: sales account management or client base, but the economic crisis makes it impossible to implement local systems. The high cost of implementation and support. Comes to the aid sisetmy SaS or software on lease to maintain […]

AVI Systems

Specific implementations of avl systems often include in its membership the technical means providing several ways to determine location. Depending on the size of the geographical area on which the avl system, it can be: local, ie designed for short range, that is mainly typical of remote support, the zonal, Limited, as a rule, the […]

So Paulo

Periodical of the Hipertenso, v.1, n.2, p.13-17, 2002. BUSATO, Otto. Arterial Hipertenso. Available in: . Access in: 28 sea. 2010. COAST, al. Prevalncia of arterial hipertenso in adults and factors associates: a study of urban population base in Pellets, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil. Available in: Had access in: 10 mar.2010. CHANDRA, Patel. Care […]