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Successful Entrepreneur

Business network a business partner concept – affiliate program & affiliate marketing Affiliate program for networking professionals (experts network) 10 steps to successful entrepreneur with the amaxline business network the network portal of the future for global Internet business, money earn with expert know-how”under amaxline.net tip of the day: my business success example 1 with […]

Research Time

How you leverage your time by skillful organization and workflow management. Here a new email message, because an SMS beep, there a telephone ringing, a mouse click and already is on the Internet and jumps between the document to be processed and four Web pages back and forth – no time. After two hours of […]

Study Try Out

The a-level exams decision support at your choice facing the door and it is important to focus in order to complete the school career as possible on the last exams. But only a few know what comes after that. Studies or training yet? University or University of applied sciences? Business or medicine? Many questions from […]

Assessment Center

How and where are assessment Center evolved? More and more companies today employ Assessment Center to the selection of suitable candidates. Especially higher tasks and leadership positions, preferably occupied with candidates have proven themselves in assessment centers. But how are assessment Center emerged? Ancestor of all today’s AC officer selection process of the German Wehrmacht […]


Complex tasks that require often creative solutions to problems, can be effectively accomplished only in the community. What is team building? Teambuilding activities have positively influence the task just these factors and thus to enhance internal communication. In addition, important learning steps are a stronger identification with the company and courage to make autonomous decisions. […]