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Justice Country

The recent decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Turkey to admit pending a lawsuit against the Party of Justice and Development Party (AKP) has generated discomfort and uncertainty in pro-European circles in Brussels. The Court accuses the AKP of raping the Constitution, violating the principle of secularism, imposed in the twenties of […]

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The Traveler

The traveler pulled of its sword and in two pulls, brandishing a blow, broke the arc in two pieces as soon as, hindering it was launched. Frightened for that unexpected intervention it endured, it, it fell, it was arisen and it run away among the foliage. The giant, knew that it had occurred outside of […]

Sales Transactions

Then we consider the reasonableness of the implementation of three ordinary methods for the estimation procedure. Yes, often the income approach is the most accurate method for assessing income-generating property, but all the same, so not suitable for all objects. If you need an estimate of damage or fire damage assessment after the Gulf apartments, […]

Ventilation Between Rooms

The standards of ventilation of air or gases in toilets, kitchens, rooms, boilers, etc require that the doors of these rooms have vents or openings which ensure the ventilation or passage of fluids through gate doors, in more than 70 cm 2 and caudal surface of top vent to 8qvp among other considerations doors Sanrafael, […]


Beef Stroganoff with Basil noodles with tomato sauce tuna casserole Turkey with meatballs. This may not sound as normal food of a diet, but in reality according to the Nutrisystem diet program are Yes. The program provides for separate food plans for women, men, diabetics and vegetarians. According to the latest medical research, people who […]

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Challenges in Life

The difficulties always have existed and will exist, is part of the game of life, but that does not imply that we should accept having them continuously, this is serious because it brings us suffering, a lot of people see problems such as external to its own existence and it is common manifest expressions such […]

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