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First Fasting

How to prepare for the first starvation? In order to reduce the severity of your first fast should follow some simple rules. First of all – should be well acquainted with the method of fasting. You must at least in general terms to understand the essence of this method – to know how to carry […]

Diseases Pulmonary System

Classic massage in the treatment of diseases is recommended to perform before the sessions of physiotherapy and gymnastics. It is desirable that there was a pause in 1-2 hours. In this way we can fully implement effective quality medical massage and exercise gym and exercise. At low intensity and prolonged inflammation in the lungs and […]

Poweful Healing Systems

This practice came to the "Western" world, together with interest at all "Eastern". And as time has shown – no wonder! Qigong – can be interpreted as a vital force in everything. And indeed, those who practiced Qigong – gets energy as if from the air. Just making a beautiful, flowing movements. But this is […]