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Western AKP

The recent decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Turkey to admit pending a lawsuit against the Party of Justice and Development Party (AKP) has generated discomfort and uncertainty in pro-European circles in Brussels. The Court accuses the AKP of raping the Constitution, violating the principle of secularism, imposed in the twenties of […]

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Player System Extreme

An extreme diet can be harmful to the reproductive system. Many women, desperate have the desire to lose weight quickly with the purpose of increasing their self-esteem, or perhaps the hope of being able to carry a pregnancy, sometimes resort to extreme methods, which will always have negative results. Extreme diet nutrition people that make […]

Francisco Alava Money

Avoid being scammed, false promises about how to make money online, the truth exposed. Don’t be fooled by the famous and self-appointed Gurus of the internet by: Francisco Alava M. It is very common to find out there on the internet with some kind of these eBooks, courses, programs, and all that already know the […]

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Teachers Similar Candidate

By the year 2020 over 200,000 teachers will be selected and recruited through a system similar to the doctors attending the MIR. Rubalcaba praises the role of education in society and has emphasized that it has ceased being an expense to be an investment. It suggests that schools have the means to finish with school […]