Content Management System

The LMS registers users, keeps track of the courses, manages communication services and leads the students data registration. It also provides reports for the Management. The capacity of the LMS database extends to additional functions such as management of the company, assessments on-line, customization and other resources. -Learning management systems manage and make the tracking of learning events on-line and based in virtual classrooms, as well as other training processes. THE content management system (CMS: CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM)-a content management system (CMS: Content Management System) is a software that allows to optimize the storage and distribution of content specific for different types of users. -Simplifies the development of design, testing, and deliver content in web pages. -Allows content administrators to modify a course of rapid and flexible way. MANAGEMENT system of knowledge (KMS) a system of knowledge management (KMS: Knowledge Management System) is a software application that collects, stores, and allows that information to be available between individuals of one Organization.

Includes resource information such as what are people who have a particular skill. You can correlate what people have learned doing his job, and is designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between employees. -In short, the essence of a KMS lies in capture, organize and store knowledge and experience of individuals and groups in an organization, with the aim of making it public to the other members.

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