Automated System

Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) It is the software tool for management control and border management. ASYCUDA enables automated tracking of customs operations and effectively control the collection of customs duties, because this system will automatically check the records, calculates all taxes and accounts relating to each statement, with minimal intervention of subjective human factor. ASYCUDA can be configured according to national characteristics of each customs procedure, tariff and national laws of each country, in addition to implementing international standards for processing foreign trade data as agreed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and by the International Organization for Standardization (OIE). Among the advantages to be gained with the implementation of the Automated System Adunero. 1.Optimizing the time and resources in the customs process. 2. Enforce the law justly. 3. Collect taxes correctly 4. Dectetar errors in the values of declarai n. 5. Monitor the payment of taxes. 6. Evaci n avoid taxes. 7. Minimize smuggling. 8. Create incentives for the respondent. 9. Effectively manage the clearance process. 10. Implement a guarantee scheme to the mode of advance payment, to facilitate trade and ensure the collection of customs duties. 11. Controlling the trade route through the offices of clearance of goods from each office. As this constituted ASYCUDA When client – server, ASYCUDA is a program that is installed on your computer for both work and customs is a network of national and global IMFORMACION, what practical terms it will work with or without network connection. As server, features an Ethernet network for a large number of users entering and processing IMFORMACION without losing performance. Also, generate statistics on foreign trade and allows electronic data interchange between traders and customs. Under this program, UNCTAD is responsible for its distribution to countries mienbros of the United Nations, upon request, as well as any modifications, updates and upgrades to the core system. It is software that continually improved and updated as experience in clearing goods from customs and international statistics. Benefit of this system ASYCUDA 1. ASYCUDA will allow you to work more convenience to make their collections if you checked within the time allowed, with or connection to the network, as well as the ability to review the data entered veses many as you need, without loss of time and resources, all from a computer. 2. Transparency in processes, speed in control operations in real time, reducing paperwork and time of storage, replacement of paper with electronic documents and electronic payment of taxes, are some of the benefits that this system offers . ASYCUDA in Venezuela The greatest innovation of automated customs system in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is the reduction of 37 steps desaduanamientoa only 7, dramatically improving the quality of service to all customers and users.The reduction of these procedures and storage time, has minimized the cost by 43 less, generating significant economic benefits for the nation. The

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