Croatian Cruises

If in his family they are several members and you kill time that she wants to organize vacations for all the members that are memorable for all we suggested to him to resort to the rent boat with crew in the Croatia. The Croatian Republic is a country of central Europe that has become just a short time one of the preferred destinies vacacionar as much in family, only or in pair. This must to its great attractions historical, and landscaping mainly. Their thus thousands of km of coast to the border of the Adriatic place to the country in a situation privileged by the beauties of their blue waters. In addition their great archipelago with a high percentage to desert islands makes of the Croatia a place quite near the earthly paradise.

In order to cross its islands the best option is to make an Adriatic cruise. That is to say, to contract a boat and to rent it by the time that wishes. But he waits, there is more, you can rent a private schooner directly to the proprietor of the same and travel with specialized crew so that nothing you have who to do during its vacations. Imagnese sailing on board of the Prentice schooner with its family. Imagnese taking sun in the cover from the boat while the rest of its family even takes some drink or some rebellious member uses the connection to Internet of the boat to stay contacted in the social networks. It sounds tempter truth? The Prentice schooner is a schooner of rent of luxury directly offered by its proprietor who is to disposition for the people groups which they want to rent it.

Account with 6 staterooms with double beds, bath with hot water, electricity through solar energy and as we said before, Internet. Also it counts on kitchen and cook on board. As it sees, everything what needs for an unforgettable experience of Adriatic cruise. The duration and the itineraries are of 7 days, of Saturday to Saturday. You will be able to choose by some of the itineraries available to discover the coast Dalmatian and will be able to descend from the schooner whenever they arrive at some from the islands and to also make a little terrestrial tourism and activities like long walks, strolls in bicycle, purchases, etc. Another particularitity is that the prices are accessible for the familiar economy. Different tariffs according to the season from the year exist that treats, but in all the cases good the investment is worth the pain to enjoy different and deprived vacations. In addition, the rents in Prentice schooner are assured so that if by some meteorological problem the trip cannot be realised, you will reclaim his money. In short, uninhabited beaches, pueblitos of fishermen, historical circuit, the great basic Adriatic and the calidez of people will make of their Adriatic cruise a unique experience that surely will have intentions to repeat or to recommend to its friendly. It is in addition the way to maintain to all the family united in a trip that presents/displays interesting activities for all the ages.

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