Colombian Falcao

Jose Paolo Guerrero, the predator, emerges a strange peace. It is credible when he says live with peace of mind being the top scorer of the Copa America (next to the Colombian Falcao; until Aguero has seized them that honor before Costa Rica) and, in addition, the figure of a selection which again, many years later, to generate positive headlines in the press. Tonight Peru dispute the classic Pacific against Chile and aspires to be, against all odds, first classified in Group C. all parties are different stories, but there is greater rivalry against Chile, says Guerrero, front of 27 years, who lives in Germany since 2004 (first, Bayern Munich player; since 2006, in Hamburg). A meniscus operation deprived him of the matches against Chile in the qualifying rounds of the World Cup in South Africa, but in this tournament, injured Claudio Pizarro and Jefferson Farfan, is the natural leader of the team and has scored their two goals (one in each game). Now We went to the stadium killing. This is a great opportunity for me, it tops. Source of the news:: “the lack of seriousness would kill Peruvian football”