Belgian Philippe Gilbert

Several spectators whistled him in reaching the goal after the first stage. The French public has special antipathy by Madrid cyclist of Saxo Bank. Contador already noticed the animosity of the fans at the team’s presentation. The Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador returned to hear the whistles of the public at the end of the first stage of the Tour de France, which ended in the Mont des Alouettes. The winner of the last two editions of the gala round, which entered into the goal with 1.20 minutes late on the winner, the Belgian Philippe Gilbert, was booed by some spectators at the finish. He also winner of the 2007 Edition already had received the animosity of the Gallic public during the team’s presentation last Thursday. Despite their three victories in the gala round, Madrid ciclsta not enjoys the affection of the French public. Counter is pending the resolution of the Court of arbitration of sport (CAs) over his possible positive for clembuterol in the past Tour de France. Source of the news: Alberto Contador returns to be booed at the finish of the Tour