European Championship

Raul Rioja 20 m the Gauls do not planted battle thinking of avoiding a possible crossover with Lithuania. Not played or Tony Parker or Noah, the French coach did not seek victory. Spain WINS Group and is measured in quarterfinals the winner of the Eslovenia-Finlandia. Special Eurobasket Lithuania 2011 Results, classification and calendar. Spain qualified for the quarterfinals of the European Championship of Lithuania as leader of Group after beating a France which reserved their best men thinking of a few more affordable future hypothetical crosses and surrendered so brazen after the break, showing an attitude unbecoming of a few professionals. Vincent Collet, surprised French coach, with his starting lineup. With Albicy holder base, instead of Tony Parker and Ali Traore of pivot instead of Noah the French left clear that they were more interested in giving rest their stars than in the first position of the group. Not even a crossing of more affordable quarterfinals, against the winner of the Slovakia Finland, caught the attention of the Gauls.

Perhaps they thought the goal was to avoid to Lithuania in the semifinals. Too many cabals do the Gauls if so when not even have surpassed the quarter-finals. However, the absence of the best French players did not make that Spain had a placid party in your home. The lack of tension did not help the Spain game, with too much tendency to go party in some phases of the same and the Gauls planted face. The match seemed made for Juan Carlos Navarro. The ferrous marks to those who are being subjected in all parties, since teams know that it is the outside scorer rrencia of the Scariolo, the escort scoring with ease and gave Spain the first advantages but personal sent him to the bench more minutes desired.

France, for its part, played with total absence of tension and that benefited him. Power in the area of the Gauls was imposed on the Spaniards, and Seraphin gave a recital, with 14 points, always keeping in the game to your selection. After the break, there was no meeting. Spain swept France with amazing ease. The great party of Rudy and the rhythm imposed by Llull did not find opposition in the Gauls, and suspicions began to be certain that ctivamente not interest them to win. The last 20 minutes of match seemed a pachanga and surrogates from both teams took advantage of to present their credentials for future parties. Shameful action by the French combined. Spain fulfilled its mission, just as the first group and demonstrates that has no fear of anyone. Scariolo are rival to beat and not make accounts because they are rival to avoid. Source of the news: Spain imposes a given France and remains first of Group (69-96)