You who are shy feel in the one for this curse that is the shyness. Hinders it you to make some things, also to namorar, to be with that person who you really like, to make more sex, etc The shyness is an arrest, you wants to get rid itself of it, but it does not obtain. In the love, the shyness is still worse. You dream in wanting to be with that person of its dreams, you she dreams in being able to declare or to show interest for it. You have fear to feel shame and of if feeling rejected.

You have fear of what the other people go to speak. He will be that they go to laugh at me? , he thinks the shy one. Everything this occurs badly for one conditioning. We are taught that sex is bad. that the women do not tan sex.

Nothing more far from the truth. The women in such a way like sex how much the men. Already she saw man to cry out and to moan of teso? Not, they are who feel much more pleasure that the men, as much who they have a proper agency for this: the clitoris. You who are shy and want to conquer that woman of the school, cursinho, work, college, social circle, need first to have in mind some things: – one it has not sung magical one to catch. – it is not the last woman of the world – rejection is a possibility – acting and trying it is only that you go to evolve, independent of the result – it likes sex This article does not go to make you to turn a Don Juan the night for the day, entretando this is the first step for its sexual and social freedom. The women like dominant and leader men.