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Better Film

Optimum film: the coveted category more of the Oscar, and, consequentemente very waited for Oscar 2012. For being most important of the awarding, it she is the last one to be presented in the great night of delivery of estatuetas golden. It is without doubts a category that involves the criteria of evaluation of all […]

Toyota System

When the organization does not cross a good managemental moment or financial, it is difficult the implementation of methodologies that to a large extent depend on the change in the form to think and to act and mainly in the motivation. In a situation as this, the employees more they are worried in even though […]

Felt Behaviors

The auditory individuals prefer to hear; The auditory canal is structuralized to leave of the use of the felt terminal/of the hearing, … had to the multiple interferences the one that is subject, as much in the proper act of hearing as, mainly, at the following moment of translation of this stimulaton … if relating […]