USA Strange System

The system for electing the US President is very complicated. He is not that takes more votes nationwide. Each of the 50 States has its own number of electors, which passed in its entirety to that win there (albeit by the difference of one vote). In 2000 Al Gore won with more than 500,000 votes but Bush won 4 voters more and why came to power. Even more streaky is the way in which the two parties nominate their candidate.

Its members do not vote at the national level and in a single day for them. The process occurs through a calendar. The first State to vote is Iowa on January 3 and the last two are 5 months later, on June 3. Not always on the same day Republicans and Democrats vote in that State. Each State has its own rules of choice, which may change according to the party. Some allow only members of the party and other any public vote. In some there are primaries with ballots of suffrage and successive assemblies (caucasuses) are given in others. More than half a million of Democrats have borne in Michigan or Florida, but they cannot choose anyone because their parties have not authorized the date in which those States held their primaries.

In some States a candidate may remove more votes but get fewer delegates because you may have missed in the number of constituencies. In Florida all Republican delegates have been awarded to the winner (McCain). As well as the weight of the voters is not equal there is also great inequalities in the use of money where anyone can disburse the sum you want to and it always tends to favor to millionaires like Perot or Romney. It is more, who has few resources almost has no chance. Original author and source of the article.

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