Single System

I just read an article that deals with the establishment by the Government of Venezuela of a security system in image and likeness to the Cuban. Me persigno and I pray for our brothers. What can be born as a needed change in Venezuela, after many corrupt governments some time ago has ceased to be a viable and beneficial for the people project. For the most optimistic, don’t be fooled, look at Cuba and affect their future. Without a doubt, this model initially generates true welfare to poorer classes in subjects so sensitive and needs such as education and health. But as in life, everything has its price then you have to pay. It is very important that everyone have access to these services that is neither logical nor desired is compromising your freedom. We are going to try to reel off these claims to understand as far as possible the opinion of someone who has grown and has been formed in the heart of Cuban society.

That if no fanaticism or extremism. If we are located in the historical context in which the Castro brothers came to power we can understand easily that the Cuban people were so receptive before the measures were implemented. After a bloody and corrupt dictatorship as the of Fulgencio Batista where abuse and ignorance were instruments of power, populist speech Fidel a people weary of so much injustice not could mean nothing more than a relief for people. But behind the curtain of the agrarian reform, the literacy campaign, the urban reform act and many other measures certainly bold and revolutionary for its time were also made many arbitrariness. While the great personalities such as Fidel, El Che, Camilo and some that another commander encouraged the people to change and they walked through the world to inspire to the left and progressives, was happening a real plundering.

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