About The Norwegian Fjords

Norway is one of the countries of the world, which is developing the promotion of tourism, especially in the summer season from June to August. One of the main natural attractions are the fjords of Norway. I guess most of the tourists, who have known his own eyes the Norwegian fjords, to Norway next summer, had thought about the origin of the word “fjord”. Really, from which comes the word? What does the word Fjord? The word “fjord” in Spanish means “narrow and deep sea Gulf.” That is true. During the glacial period, when the glaciers with all his weight drew the sea route through the rocks, they extended the watershed old.

As a result of glaciers that have formed in rocks, and the merits of such formations exist below sea level. It is likely that you have realized what the water of the fjords have a special color. This strange color is the result of the water in the Norwegian fjords is capos structure. Ie the water layer is denser than sea water and the upper layer is less dense. For the top layer comes from the mountain rivers, which flow through the slopes of the fjords and waterfalls.

It is likely that you assume that only Norway has such a unique natural attraction? It is not true because not only are fjords in Norway but also in New Zealand (the South Island), Scotland. Also these fjord-like formations are found in North America, Chile, on the islands of Greenland, Iceland. The most famous fjords in Norway are the Sognefiordo, Gueiranguerfiordo, Jardanguerfiordo, Lisefiordo. The Sognefiordo is the longest fjord. Its length exceeds 200 km, its depth exceeds 1000 m., and at about the same distance from the surface of the water rise up the cliffs. Its maximal depth is 1308 meters. The shores of this fjord adorn the lush forests and many water breaks. The Norwegian Fjords cruises. In Russia there are many agencies offering cruises to ascertain the Norwegian fjords. Among them is the cruise center “Neptun”. Some cruises routes come from the beautiful city of St. Petersburg Russia to the Scandinavian peninsula. The ship makes stops in certain cities and sites in Norway (among them is the city Flam) to make the turn for some fjord. In back is the return to Russia (St. Petersburg). Finally I note that each fjord in Norway has distinctive features, as each individual fjord landscape is from the slopes, its individual relief, the individual color of the water, if looking at bird’s eye view.

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