Benjamin Franklin

Jorge Paulino electrical engineer from the Paleolithic, the hominid feared ever forces of nature especially volcanoes and lightning. The first studies of atmospheric electricity has become in the 13th century by Benjamin Franklin, through an experiment that consisted in placing a metal bar under a storm cloud. In the experiment that would go to a body he landed in contact with Earth, clouds, and the energy discharged by the mother. In May 1752, the French scientist Francois-Thomas D Alibard (1703-1799) carried out the experiment proposed by Franklin, erected an iron bar facing the storm clouds, and approached one of the wires to ground, taking into account that the sparks jumped the pole to the cable, which confirms the hypothesis of Franklin, establishes the principle of operation of the arrester. Ray has a complexity, which refers to the physical nature of the phenomenon and its effects, in many cases are serious for the company by its high-grade destructive. It is estimated that in Brazil, the incidence of discharges, causing losses in the millions of dollars, and annually killing more than one hundred people. The radio is one of the electrical impulses of the rays to Earth, nothing can be done to prevent this phenomenon of nature.

We can only prevent the fall of a ray in a given site or structure, causing catastrophic damage. Installation of systems of protection against lightning (SPDA) is a requirement of the Fire Department, adjusted according to the ABNT NBR 5419 / 2001, and it aims to avoid or minimize the impact of the effects of rays, which can can cause fire, explosion, damage to property and even risk the life of people and animals. We can define lightning rod as a set of elements that consists of a system of trapping air (sensors), lowering system that connects the sensor grounding and ground systems, where the download will dissipate.

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