Beef Stroganoff with Basil noodles with tomato sauce tuna casserole Turkey with meatballs. This may not sound as normal food of a diet, but in reality according to the Nutrisystem diet program are Yes. The program provides for separate food plans for women, men, diabetics and vegetarians. According to the latest medical research, people who adopt the NutriSystem plan may lose 30 percent of overweight in a period of four months more to people that they followed other weight loss programs. An achievement quite laudable for any kind of diet. On the internet you will find a series of testimonies of people who use this diet with success. For example, I found a person named Janet z., who lost 24 pounds and declares: what I like about the NutriSystem program is the convenience of use, the variety of food that allows, and the fact that this Italian girl can eat pasta every night if you want to.

The NutriSystem plan offers foods that are in the lower end of the glycemic index, which determine the effect of carbohydrates on the sugar that is in the blood. The idea is that, following the NutriSystem program, the end result is simply: burn the fat in a natural way for your body. The plan requires that you eat five times a day in order to speed up your metabolism. Originally, Dr. Jay Satz began the programme NutriSystem as a diet plan that offered people only between 400 and 500 calories per day in its nutrition.

Today, the amount of calories from NutriSystem is much more generous. The program has more 140 different dishes, which range from potatoes with cheese to chile with beans. Now finally I would recommend you to see a free video that will show you how you can lose weight while you eat. Without extreme diets, pills, or strenuous exercises. Click here so you can see the video of this innovative program that you can implement immediately. Original author and source of the article.

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