The Traveler

The traveler pulled of its sword and in two pulls, brandishing a blow, broke the arc in two pieces as soon as, hindering it was launched. Frightened for that unexpected intervention it endured, it, it fell, it was arisen and it run away among the foliage. The giant, knew that it had occurred outside of its sights, when it saw the traveler judged that this, belonged to the flock of robbers grasped of the soil and prepared to defend. the sword. – He is calm, I am friend! It said. – Friend? He said around man, launching a look.

– I was to you, but vi that it was not necessary. Those five were not citizens to knock down you. – I noticed that motionless. But, I do not trust you. – Therefore to divulge.

I finish to save your life. – I do not understand! – A man Had and it he was armed of arc and arrow. He would have shot an arrow you, if I did not do so before. – I find it! – It sees exactly for you. The traveler pointed with respect to the edge of the bush, with the arrow and the broken arc. He had blood nugget on the gram. – I find that I wounded. The traveler said. The giant caught the arrow and smelled the iron tip. – Poison! It, surprisingly said. – Perhaps he wounded it to them and had placed poison so that its death was certain. It was assailant. Somebody wants to see it dead. How you call yourself, and for men wanted to kill it? – I ignore the cause. Call, of the house of Rufus.

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