Ventilation Between Rooms

The standards of ventilation of air or gases in toilets, kitchens, rooms, boilers, etc require that the doors of these rooms have vents or openings which ensure the ventilation or passage of fluids through gate doors, in more than 70 cm 2 and caudal surface of top vent to 8qvp among other considerations doors Sanrafael, manufacturer specializing in wood design doorsthrough its ventilated door optimizes any existing market solution avoiding having to make any recess for installation of a false lamas grille. Now the ventilation is resolved directly inside the same structure of the door being the same grooved towards its interior guaranteeing the passage of fluids by them in the flow rate required by regulations. Making it possible to comply with the regulations in force in any kind of finish and design of door. Generally the grooved form angles reversed, minimizing aesthetic problems of vision between rooms by the central and upper part of the door; passage of light; noise; fire, etc. This feature ensures the passage of fluids in the spaces formed getting the ventilation volume required by regulations and saving the construction deficiencies of the traditional system. In addition the invention incorporates, in case that required, a system of acoustic insulation, a system of thermal insulation or short fire consisting of intumescent or materials incorporating expansive firewall on the grooved surface. For any information please contact or through the website original author and source of the article