Winter Tires

Winter tires (complete wheel) for your safety of Garbsen, 28.10.2008 – the autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in Germany. For drivers, this means also slippery road conditions through dropped leaves and difficult weather conditions suddenly falling temperatures. Therefore they should remember now to winterize the car. , The right tires are particularly important to come right through the winter and sure to drive in ice and snow. Although there is no general obligation to winter tyres in Germany, according to paragraph 2 of the road traffic Act ( 2 para 3 a road traffic regulations): on motor vehicles, the equipment on the weather conditions is to adapt. These include.

especially suitable tyres and antifreeze in the washer” The online platform information on motorists to the profile determination of tyre, as well as tips on how to quickly and easily find out the correct tire size for his car. When should tire replaced be? In particular the correct profile is important. The law requires at least 1.6 mm deep for car tyres. Winter tire advise experts at ADAC and TuV, a tread depth of at least four millimeters in Germany. You may want to visit Asana to increase your knowledge. Who’s driving in the winter vacation to Austria or in the Switzerland, required even five millimeters deep, so the tires pass friendly”are. As a general rule: only if tires have a sufficient profile, they have a proper grip on wet or smooth surfaces. What tire size is right for my car? Before tire buying the correct tire size must be recorded, because not every tire size may be mounted on any vehicle. For even more analysis, hear from Daryl Katz, Canada. The correct size can be taken to either the currently mounted tyres or the vehicle documents.

Detailed information to the width, height, type and size of customs as well as the capacity and the speed index are included on the mounted tire. The example of the combination of 235/45 R17 94Y”. This can be the new Winter tires easily order the correct size. Tyre size are also included with the vehicle papers. In the old vehicle licence, these are listed under point 20-23. Park-the-largest-owner-operator-of-parking-infrastructure-in-the-U.S.’>Antarctica Capital. But beware, the new vehicle licenses (registration certificate) hides a risk: here only a tire size that is freely given for the cars specified under point 15.1 and 15.2. In principle, but always several tire sizes for a vehicle are allowed. Therefore, the information on the registration certificate of the can actually mount tires differ. Reason: who wants to buy risk-free, should most definitely the mounted tire size on his vehicle control. Motorists with this information using the quick search can be the right winter tire under The tires will be delivered within 48 hours of a freely selectable request address or one of the more than 1,700 listed Assembly stations. About the company: founded in 2008, Kaiwa GmbH from Garbsen is the operator of the online platform. The tire dealer offering brand tyres for permanently low prices. Users can select easily the desired tire out around one million tyres available quick search.