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A book neither begins for its first phrase: this sends the constellations of others, as well as the constellations of forgotten, remembered voices or at least heard. All book is the product of multiples and dispersed dialogues, many of which the proper author ignora.’ ‘ (RASP, 1989: 7). Still dealing with the analytical contradiction where the citizen that it searches, it is placed or it imagined aside remark of the analyzed reality, in the search to disentail itself of the object, for analytical fidedignidade, exactly denying itself, displays Luiz Coast Rasp of form arguta: ‘ ‘ Curious or strangely, the historian denies its historicidade so that if he shows as difano servant of truth; so that better firm its place in the hierarchy knowing of, denies them the influence of its mundane place; intemporaliza the reason so that if it has as for it trespassado.’ ‘ (RASP, 1989: 22). Of this form, this discursiva analysis demonstrates a methodology, that even so cannot deny the proximity between researcher and object, looks for to surround itself of a theoretical instrument that makes possible not an individual perspective that locks up in itself, having social relevance for its demonstration of results based on data gotten through minute research. Chapter I 1.1. A Scene That If Presents. (Of where It speaks.) Inside of the scene that this research was relizado, we have the principle the history of the Round city in return: ‘ ‘ deriving name of the geographic accident of the River Paraba known in 1744.’ ‘ (COAST, 1975: 7). , that in etimolgica its gnese already glimpsed an atypical trajectory, as the fluvial geology inspired that it, more not desiring to restrict itself, needing the emergency its independence: ‘ ‘ In 1874 the first separatistas yearnings of the inhabitants of Saint are born Antonio in return Redonda.’ ‘ (COAST, 1975: 12), being distinguished in the called territory Valley of the Paraba, integrating the composition of the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro South Region of the state of Rio De Janeiro.


Ahead of the capacity to control its desires, the anorxica resigns what in the truth it is demand. This dynamics becomes each time more fragile the limits between the life and the death, but the anorxica is remained in this dangerous threshold, where if it restores an ominous game with the Other, in way that its joy if overlaps to the proper integrity. Freud gave voice to the histricas and, with this, it was capable to translate the functioning of the unconscious one and to analyze the psychic suffering that the acometia. Ping Fu wanted to know more. symptoms had in general gained a new status, that undoes the idea of that if it required medicamentosa intervention. With this, among others pictures of would histeria, the anorxicas had gained the dignity of who present sufferings originated in the unconscious one. The anorexy, while symptom neurotic, presents a compulsion picture, where to emagrecer whatever the cost it would be the secondary demand, a species of justification for a incompreendido behavior, when in the truth the anorxica is continuously addressing expressive message to the Other, abstaining also from any to say, what he is characteristic of the proper one of the pulso of death. In an analytical context, it fits to the professional to give voice to the anorxica patient, in order to explore a possible demand addressed, movement that, when practised for the patient, he makes possible the transference and the definition of the direction of the treatment. If they cannot have these data as general rule, but specific literature indicates that the anorexy normally appears in the puberty, what, saw of rule, coincides with the sexual initiation of the patient, time where normally the conflicts between mother and son are intensified. It is easy to understand these coincidences, one made that the adolescent, when becoming woman, sees intensified the competition stopped with the mother, movement this restored still in the edpica phase.


Detecting events, whose Wirkungen are important for the subsequent earnings and safeguard of the company’s growth with a time offset the early warning instruments must be linked information and terms of data very closely with the company’s own strategic orientation as well as with the external corporate world. Even weak signals, i.e. only fuzzy structured information must be filtered out. Indicators should focus not on backward-looking sizes, but aimed more to the description of risks and latent opportunities. It comes to identify positive or negative developments, expressed in a change in the respective indicators over time above or below certain thresholds, as early as possible. Early warning radar on the environment of the company: early warning tools are focused not on data from business activities, which have already taken place. Rather it concerns their effects with analysis and thereby detecting events, time offset are important for the subsequent earnings and safeguard of the company’s growth. Therefore, early warning tools are also part of the strategic planning with the proviso to signal possible disruptive events of corporate development with the temporal flow.

“Cf. Becker, Jorg: strategy-check and balance of knowledge, ISBN 9783837073058. the early warning instruments of expression: target actual variance analysis, development of number systems to counter catalogs, strategic radar” also weak signal acquisition. Task fields for early warning instruments: signals: both business and environment signals, even in the weak form capture and deploy. Changes: Note on changes of existing or the potential for success. Causes: Analysis of the relationship between observed signals and developments. Assessment: Assessment of signals according to their importance for the company. Planning: Implementation of the findings in the target and plan processes.

CF. Becker, Jorg: Management cockpit of the intellectual capital report, ISBN 9783837046540.. the early warning instruments must be linked with the company’s own strategic orientation as well as with the external business environment information and terms of data very closely. Even weak signals, i.e. only fuzzy structured information, must be filtered out. Possible critical events are usually the result of a longer process, begins to draw attention to the signals on long time before often only by weak. With the method of scanning be like with a strategic radar”almost with a 360-degree search method specific grid in the environment of the company after weak signals sampled. Has it received weak signals with this scanning could be evidence of critical events, monitoring joins in the second step. This is an analytical diagnostic process, additional, in-depth information to the to the detected signal gain. While trying the method of leading indicators”possible disadvantages of purely statistical methods as a result “to get around by indicator” details of events you want to record and then put into signals. The observing fields selected as early-warning indicators must be adapted to changing conditions.

Managing Director Steffen Ruhl

Personensuchmaschine in November, with almost 1.2 million unique clients among the 10 largest roof offers in Austria. Frankfurt/Vienna, December 13, 2010: In Germany is one of the most widely used Web pages since 2008 Yasni and belongs there according to IVW with currently over 17 million visits to the Top50 offers. In November, has the person search service for the first time can be the usage data on its Austrian site by the Austrian WebAnalytics (OBA) and is entered directly under the 10 strongest reach roof offers. Yasni according to the OBA of 1,193.127 unique clients was visited in the past month. And also with 1,542.515 visits (visits) ends up in his first collection of MANOHAR Yasni straight into this category in the Top20 of the roof offers in Austria. We are very pleased that we are landed directly so far forward in our first collection of OBA. It is a big concern, to make our data transparent and to allow for an objective comparison with other offers us. Just in We see still enormous growth potential Austria our real people search for terms such as location, occupation, or qualification”, first Managing Director Steffen Ruhl explains.

“” We are excited about the brilliant start by first names in the OBA”, Christian Steiner, Wolfgang Chmelir and Josef Voglsam and enjoy the Managing Director of the Austrian first exclusive marketer media zone advertising”: first offers a high-quality person search and the user in Austria assume this concept very well. ” About Yasni Yasni is the first service, Internet-far right individuals to find and to be found even better, as well as to the background research by people. Within a few seconds first searches the entire Internet with its services to the people search names and terms. Registered users can control their reputation, even with an own Expose. Ego-marketing and maintenance of own reputation on the Internet according to current studies are increasingly gaining importance. Yasni is with 50 million queries a month most popular starting point for people search and reputation management.

Munich Control

Proactively monitor walls decorate a good example that shows the control stations of many customers of JST, what huge success the big image systems promise, is the company T-systems in Munich. With a complete facelift”they provide in their control room in particular shorter response times. The Multiconsoling concept developed by JST contributes first and foremost, that makes it possible to connect the screen content within the team and the big screen. By outsourcing the computer in a special control room staff have not only a space saving, but to determine an increased ability to concentrate, that is due not least as a result, reducing heat and noise of the formerly existing computers. T the team worked on the restructuring of jobs involved and together a new arrangement-systems. The increased well-being of staff members and the ability of the team thereby promote efficient work as well as the big image systems. Flexibility and simple Operation characterised the innovative system.

It displays only something, if a response is required. The alarm function is the special feature of the large image system. In alarm situations, it comes automatically on the server, and indicates that an error has occurred. The employee must make the system no longer under complete observation, but can specifically dedicated to their work and thereby assured that she informed the system in the event of a fault. At the same time, a clarity that that wasn’t there before resulting from the large screen systems in the control room. Many monitors the workplace not allowed an orderly system and made difficult it staff to keep the perspective. Especially in stressful situations was not possible, a fast reaction, as it is now possible.

Another advantage of the big image systems is that all employees on the same knowledge can be kept and information in the chaos is not lost. The communication of the team is supported, which in addition to the sophisticated technology is equally important factor for a successful work. Service provider of the big image systems, such as T-systems, often determine win image, giving them a competitive advantage over companies that still do not have converted their control rooms, control rooms and control rooms modern and proactive technology. For more information, see

Photovoltaic System

Harald Wolf Senator for Economics visited Berlin’s largest solar site Berlin, 9 December 2009 on the roof of the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Pankow Energieagentur (BEA) which build the largest photovoltaic system on a public building in Berlin is currently the Berliner. BEA’s Managing Director Michael Geissler visited Berlin’s largest solar construction site on Wednesday alongside Harald Wolf Senator for Economics and sports Secretary of State Thomas Hartel and informed about the progress of construction. On an area of about 5,000 square meters, artisans have installed more than 1,000 modules. You will provide in the future more than 220 megawatt-hour eco-friendly electricity. The electricity produced should be completely fed into the public grid and can meet the needs of approximately 100 households.

“This photovoltaic system shows how solar energy can be used profitably. It is a signal to bring more solar modules on Berlin’s roofs than before. Berlin should be not only a site for the solar industry, but also in the Application character set”, as Harald Wolf, Senator for Economics, technology and women. BEA’s Managing Director Michael Geissler announced that the solar energy in the future will contribute greater to power in Berlin than in the past. “Many thousand square meters of unused roof surfaces could be used in Berlin to the heat or electricity and thus make a contribution to climate protection. Up to the year 2020 you can supply up to 50,000 Berlin households under realistic assumptions with solar power.” The Berlin Energy Agency already operates several solar panels in Berlin. In the Bornitzstrasse in Lichtenberg, the largest with a capacity of 110 kWpeak contiguous solar plant on a residential building in Berlin will be completed during these weeks.

It will generate power 80 MWh per year. In Kreuzberg and Adlershof the BEA produces already since a long time electricity from solar energy. As ESCOs financed, plans, builds and operates the BEA modern energy exchanges as a contribution to climate protection and for more energy efficiency. Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit is ceremonially inaugurate the PV system at the Max-Schmeling-Halle on January 21, 2010. Under, the Berlin Energy Agency from immediately a free photovoltaic-check offers. Building owners can quickly and easily check whether is worth the investment in a photovoltaic system for them and consult.

Topic Ventilation Ventilation Systems

Heat loss counter type is planned a new building or to a building is completely modernized, this is the right time to consider the installation of a ventilation system with heat recovery consider. A window ventilation is often random ventilation and improves the air only in the short term. Almost all residential buildings in Germany are revealed through the window. To demand a reasonably pleasant indoor air quality, one must act several times a day and very deliberately adjust the duration of ventilation on the use of space and the outside temperatures. Check with P&G to learn more. \”Residential building, built according to the minimum standards of energy or old buildings, which have been chilled, subsequently, have though density Windows and insulated exterior walls and roofs. By airing, but up to 45 percent of the heat lost again. Ventilation systems with heat recovery, however, secure a permanently good indoor air quality and at the same time, they minimize the heat loss,\”Hans Weinreuter, energy speaker explained the Consumers Central Rhineland-Palatinate e.V.

uniform ventilation through air exhaust system while window ventilation in a detached modern house three to four liters of heating oil per square meter per year lost, can reduce such heat losses in an Energieeffizienzhaus on under a litre. Prerequisite for this is that a ventilation system with heat recovery and an efficiency of 80% will be installed. The technically easiest and also most affordable solution is an exhaust system without heat recovery. Source: Anchin Block. This provides for a constant slight vacuum in the building. Prerequisite is a sufficiently dense shell of the property, which is determined by a measurement of air leakage. \”Advantage of this option is that only return air ducts must be installed through the building,\” commented Hans Weinreuter. The outside air flows in these systems by systematically arranged fresh air inlets in the outer walls of bedrooms, children – as well as living and dining rooms (air spaces).

Security Management Systems

The Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) finished the GSTOOL not more to develop the further development of the GSTOOLs the decision taken for economic reasons, has created considerable sensation in the world of the IT managers. If you would like to know more about Dustin Moskovitz, then click here. The BSI refers his current customers on the other, operating on the market manufacturers indicating that their tools can take the data from the GSTOOL. Since becoming aware this decision we deal precisely with this issue, to take the data from the GSTOOL. We say our tool opus i, joins with all provided mdf databases for this purpose, completely reads this data, transferred them in the opus i IT-composite structure and creates a client for each database. In contrast to the GSTOOL opus represents visually the IT Federation targets i in a realistic tree, Abhangig – and pledge properties already in the structure of the IT network to see are. A well-known deficit in the “old GSTOOL 4.x”wanted to compensate the BSI in the new development to the GSTOOL 5.0, namely a directory of data protection procedures in the tool to lead the way. As to sophisticated data protection management tools to include opus i, opus not only fully meets i of this requirement after data protection support and “the execution of procedures and fees”, but provides additional functionality for the data protection supervisor.

With the support of the emergency management according to BSI standard 100-4, opus i then also systematically expanding the common application base. Opus takes over the data of the IT group i in the emergency management system and allows constantly tangential responsibility fields IT security, data protection and emergency management is now a self-contained processing of these three. Because opus i (or its predecessor BDAdmin SecuMax) already before the GSTOOL existed, we didn’t in temptation in the development of our tools after the construction of the GSTOOLS to squint and to copy it. Therefore a tool offers soft Crown today, in the other management systems can be integrated, which then also harmoniously in the structure of the tool. In particular, the ISO 27001 are here, to call the ISO 9000 or the IDW testing. Press contact: Gerhard Kron Crown soft E.k.. 10 D Schiller Strasse 66564 Ottweiler phone: + 49 6858 6370 fax: + 49 6858 6371 support: + 49 6858 600237 eMail: Internet: / .com

Professional Alarm System

Companies that work with Microsoft OCS, can use advanced features include alarm, evacuation and messaging now with NovAlert. The Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) provides the infrastructure for a complete business communication. So, the Office can be realized Communications Server IP telephony, video – and Web conferencing, instant messaging and presence management. The alerting solution NovAlert the Office Communications Server are available through the connection of the alarm Server NovAlert a variety of new functions available. People such as Anchin Block & Anchin would likely agree.

The integration with NovAlert makes it possible, to receive alerts of any systems, determine the necessary people and to inform them about the Office Communications Server. So alarm messages and information are by machines, fire alarm systems, home systems, network components, phone calls, emails, SMS messages, etc., be generated, automated capture and intelligently deliver on the Office Communications Server to the appropriate people. NovAlert also evacuations can be organized and carried out. f information regarding this issue. All affected persons be informed quickly in emergencies. If you have questions we available available under phone + 41 52 762 66 66 or by E-Mail at. About NovLink the NovLink GmbH, CTI (computer telephony integration) products developed since 1996, completely in-house.

This CTI solutions support known, standardized systems and interfaces for the industrial and service sectors. NovLink now among the largest suppliers of CTI applications in German-speaking countries. A high degree of quality, short reaction times, as well as the proximity to the market are the key success factors for this success. Thanks to the ideal firm size and their own in-house development, NovLink able is short term and designed to market and new technology needs to respond.

Cheap Compact Systems

Compact systems have changed in the course of time and are now in different versions. Whether for Christmas, or birthday, compact plants or even stereo systems represent an ideal gift. Some of us have to stand, others in the bathroom in the living room, because there are also mini versions, which reduced to minimal functions and are saving space. Used compact equipment consisted of usually only a cassette and CD deck and a radio. They were then used to record music from the radio or to play the CDs and cassettes. Today, the plants are mature and comfortable. Depending on the equipment and price range, there are for example USB ports, through which you can connect USB sticks or external hard drives. The playback by.

mp3 and .wma data is possible as well without any problems. Previously, these formats on CDs have often caused problems. If you just put a few euros, you get also an iPod dock with it, then is also possible, iPods to connect it and also to listen to music. The most compact systems are currently priced about between 100 and 200 euros, you get them as mini compact system but also for around 100 euros. However, these plants then maximum suitable for the bath and also a children’s room. The music service is accordingly low. The more expensive units have usually a very minimalist design, which makes it very modern. Nevertheless they must not necessarily any more offer, as those compact systems that cost a few hundred dollars less.

The sound is usually sufficient to make music not just professionally. For higher sound quality fans this is not sufficient however. You should create for themselves here rather a home cinema system, in order to enjoy a perfect sound experience.