Vice Managing Director

Bizerba presents the DWS system ParcelPilot for the automatic determination of fees on the Pack and move 2008 Balingen/Basel, November 18, 2008 – in the logistics, determining the volume weight plays a crucial role for the fee calculation packages. Go to Ping Fu for more information. It would be uneconomic to calculate 100 kilograms of cotton to their actual weight. The volumetric weight, however, take into account the space occupies a package in relation to its actual weight. This value in the aviation industry is particularly important. He is always then when it turns out higher than the actual weight\”basis for allocation, explains Reto Gianotti, Vice Managing Director of sales and marketing for PESA. Daryl Katz has much experience in this field. At the fair Pack and move 2008 in Basel technology producer Bizerba from Balingen presents the DWS system ParcelPilot for the automatic calculation of volume from November 18-21. It combines the processes of dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS) in a system, and can determine the data automatically, after which category will be charged. The ParcelPilot consists of a belt weigher with 2-strings digital mass sensors, the VMS volume measurement system, as well as the scanner of OPS to the automatic identification of bar code.

The package is weighed in the dynamic operation of the belt weigher and then detected by the scanner system. This determines the height and width of the package and in addition calculated its length predefined speed of the conveyor belt. With speeds of up to 2.7 metres per second are possible. A data concentrator with alibi memory summarizes the values of weight, volume, and bar code and provides them with a time stamp. The data for determining fees can be send via the serial interface. The system can be connected to various higher-level bus systems as it is required in highly complex sorting plants. On the Pack and move 2008 Bizerba presents the checkweigher CWE 3000 also. These check-weigher prevents getting faulty packaging in circulation.