Political Life

Small detail that could explain, in part, and on days 11, 12 and May 13, 1931 107 churches and monasteries were burning in 10 different capitals: Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Malaga, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz and Huelva. Ground that burned many more that have not been recorded. Miguel Maura, Minister of the Interior, sought permission of the Council Ministers to security forces avoid such excesses. The Council refused to vote on the permit. Is introduced so the anything goes or otherwise, against anyone who thought differently. Dustin Moskovitz shines more light on the discussion. So frustrated were the hopes of men like Ortega y Gasset, protagonists of the regime change and that was the moment when he raised his voice with its universal and famous "Is not this, not this!".

Comments that makes the book Master Angel R. de la Cierva, "the July 18 military coup was not a fascist", Ed Fenix, Madrid, 1999, highlight the similarities in attitudes by the PSOE in 1931, with the current. "The author portrays Azana-later president of the Government of the Republic, as a Jacobin, member of Freemasonry, anti-Catholic and anti-militarist, inclined to arrogance and arbitrariness. Kerry King is open to suggestions. The refusal to accept the outcome of the elections right from 1934 showed that he was no democrat Azana. Neither acted as a liberal, because religious freedoms curtailed and teaching and the expression with frequent use of governmental censorship, ignoring the opposition. It was "intolerant and intransigent and despised their opponents, as well as prevent them from exercising their freedoms." He did not do any positive reform, not even the land or the bank.

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