Vianna System

Thetahealing is a method of quickly and effectively connect you with that part of you, in a way conscious, to be able to express all types in your life changes. Theta waves there are five different brainwave frequencies, but we focus on two Beta and Theta, the first are basically entering into operation when we are awake and on alert. On the contrary, the brain emits Theta waves in the transition from wakefulness to sleep or in a State of deep meditation, therefore without conscious action. In this state it relieves stress and anxiety, increases relaxation and facilitates the neuroplasticity and therefore learning ability and creativity, which among other things in that period the two cerebral hemispheres are calibrated. I remind you that we are talking about energy psychology techniques, all of which are based on a common trunk, the belief based on traditional Chinese medicine that our body energy system runs parallel to the blood system. If you are foreign to these concepts the basic EFT for free manual, where there is a chapter that you can download I am dedicated to this topic. Therefore, every thought is psychic energy.

Every thought affects the energy that travels through your body, your health and your life. In other words, that every thought can make you owner or slave of the same situation. But most importantly is precisely that you can change your thoughts and Thetahealing teaches you how to do it. A session of Thetahealing has changed the lives of many people. I find particularly powerful development of the system of beliefs of Vianna, the demonstration of how finding the beliefs that sustain a behavior and changing them by other more positive for the person, can be achieved spectacular advances. If you feel curious about Thetahealing you can find more information on the official website of Vianna or Montsy Noel, who is your representative and the only authorized teacher to teach the technique in Spain.

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