But Lucinha was inclined to leave the job. He was tiring and the return for very risky house. Yesterday exactly an assault to the bus occurred where it was, more necessarily in the Street of the Enchantment. They had led, among others belongings of all the passengers, its stock market with documents. Therefore I decided to go to search it knot work in this night. It would make a surprise. The deafening racket of made me to the tire to stop the car immediately.

It seemed an explosion. It did not have acostamento, therefore the barracos had almost invaded asphalt. Therefore I left the car in the road blinks with it of alert on. Drug! The tire blew up. Cursed hole. I caught the cellular one to call the mechanical aid. While it heard the writing, April the door luggages to speed the withdrawal of the tire reserves and the necessary equipment for the exchange. It was there that I perceived somebody if approaching.

Perhaps to help, but I was in the Street of the Enchantment. I turned myself toward brings with the key of wheels in the hand. It would be useful to change the tire or to scare the enemy. The stranger already was prostrado few meters behind me. In the blackout I did not obtain to identify it immediately. When the lights of the alert one lit, obtained to visualize something in its hand, seemed a weapon. This went up until being pointed with respect to me. I thought about what it could say to calm it, but before it pronounced some word I heard the detonation. In the flash of the shot enxerguei its rightened face. I identified it, but the bullet already followed its course. _o_//When they had beaten the grating in my coasts was that the fiche fell. I perceived that he was lost one more time. By the way, always it stows. Now, in return to the arrest, lying in the cement bed, I can repass my life, as pages of a book. The death of my parents and the afastame

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