According System

We could go on an endless number of substances which segregates our body as arsenal auto defensive and healing. Simply relax thoroughly voluntarily and consciously, directing our attention to the calm breathing, giving orders to our mind: my blood circulation water all over my body; my nervous system is calm and quiet; my mind relax more and more, this quiet and calm; my muscles are loosened, are totally relaxed any medical professional knows that the mere fact exercise these influences in our mind through our desire to ensure compliance now, to feel this need as motivation, already causes an effect clear: the parasympathetic system gets underway in response, thereafter a State vagal muscarinic predominates, within the vegetative nervous system balance the sympathetic and the parasympathetic, this natural phenomenon of our body that we will provide a relaxation havethat at the same time this segregating a series are substances that they will give us pleasure and protection, it happens that we have that capability, we understand it and we obey our mind, thats part of Qi Gong and psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, etc. know very well exposed effects. According to my opinion, initially chemistry not cure anything, because it does not act on the source of the problem, put it another way, not corrected field biological in that each patient creates and develops its pathology. Only acts on the disease as injury and calming the symptom. What advantages do you offer natural therapies on drugs? Without any doubt, the modern scientific medical sciences have used all his effort and sacrifice, to create an instruction manual that teaches us the functioning of the human being, explaining us genetics, pathology, analytical, radiological, electronic, statistical and exploratory techniques, even so, with all your effort and sacrifice for humanity, they are not able to explain the personal biological mazes, by which constitutes a disease, therefore, pharmacological chemistry can only influence the lesion.

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