The Pencil

B cavities contain water vapor and heat, they increase the pressure with respect to the environment. After that they go through the pores out. Upon cooling, the reverse process. Pencil “breathe”. 5.Karandash not as harmless as it considered.

Hacksaw after cutting raw wood much rust. This affects the action of the juice of the tree, which contains different compounds. After drying, it remains in dry form on the surface and in the pores of a pencil. 6.Pri compiling hexagonal pencils in a pile formed a strange effect: the hand feels the “standing waves” in space. The same effect is a beehive of honey, bees are making their home.

7.Poskolku slate is conductive material, it takes electromagnetic radiation, and it flowed microcurrents. Because they are, if you make a pencil into the battery and put next to the transformer station, they can serve as a generator voltage, taking the energy “from nowhere”. 8.Pri rolling a pencil on the goods it can serve as a good vibrator, the frequency of which varies depending on the speed of movement. 9.Esli a paper to put the relief subject and could move easily across the paper on top, then it is a copy of the object surface. 10.If there is no lubrication, the friction surface can be a pencil stroke, the friction will decrease by 3-4 times. 11.V strong magnetic field due to conduction current slate may arise. Therefore, we must not touch the slate when it comes to traveling. 12.Pri current is passed through a pencil it will warm up due to resistance from slate. Heating element. Separately have whole areas of the new type. In the example could be something that people do not use a descriptive process. It was determined the relevance to the pencil, to what they do, and reactions to the subconscious processes of writing texts. It was determined that with the help of a pencil can make a study of the human psyche, his reactions and patterns of behavior. As can be seen, a pencil for me many times the information than it was before. If he participates in solving the problem, solve it much easier after writing the essay. Imagine that such objects of study was your desire. By the end of the essay question may be how to achieve this will no longer matter.