One Night Just For Girls In Manumission Ibiza Travel

Last summer the girls and took a week vacation. It was a week to remember and say that one of the best nights of my life I enjoyed in the Manumission nightclub. I really wanted to go, especially after hearing that Paris Hilton, Charlotte Chuch and Puff Daddy (do not know if that’s his real name) oh and Kylie Minogue had been there. It is true that he also had some apprehension about the crazy things they said that they were there, like live sex shows, dwarf throwing flames of fire from his mouth and transvestites on trapezes, the truth was a night of disco and less special . Well, we took 200 euros each planning a wild night, which is what actually was. One can easily spend 200 euros in Manunission considering that a bottle of water costs a minimum of 5 euros and any beverage 7. We must not forget all of this the amount of input that was around 50 euros.

But do these things only once … better do them well and with style. We had heard that many girls make topless in the pool at the club but we had no intention because, although we are from Essex, we do not have silly hair. At first we were completely overwhelmed by the immense space and number of people who had. Never in my life had been in a club like this, and there was no reason to worry about the strange things he had heard that passed (although yes it was initially), just had a great show. I knew that long ago was the biggest club in the world.

I’m not sure if it still is, but it is huge, huge, huge, you have to see to believe. Music: shocking. The main area has a high ceiling with a stage in front and pool in the middle was decorated in a much more detailed and careful than most clubs. There were also other areas with different types of music or different themes, like small places to relax. There were many people and it was difficult to move, but everyone seemed relaxed and friendly so if someone’s foot was not a real problem, as it could have been if it had happened in other clubs where I’ve been. The atmosphere was fantastic, electric, in a setting that could hardly compare with any other in which it has been. I was fascinated by palm trees found in the decoration and even sources of water. The only danger we saw that night was the risky club dancers in the air and in his underwear tied to a long string straps.

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