Tax Inspectorate

System with fiscal printers are more flexible and functional, when compared to conventional cmc. This is due to the registrar of options: cash accounting and private outcomes, counting the amount of deposit and totals, the removal cash registers, and operating with automatic printing, blanking, and operating cash registers with automatic printing, sale for cash and on credit, the payment of money from the cash register, not related to purchase, refund, cancellation, allowance prices and packaging, the repetition of sale / purchase, the calculation of interest allowances and discounts, multiply price by quantity of goods to the cashier error correction information output to the printer, allocation of taxes at the statutory tax rates, the formation of accounting documents, nonvolatile data storage at power off, you see, just plenty of options here! Once you have bought cash register, he must register. To this end, the territorial inspectorate must bring the following documents: the registration statement cmc, cmc registration card, registration certificate cmc, cmc and passport version a copy of a contract and a copy of the contract with tec for maintenance of cmc, a copy of the certificate of registration, a copy of the certificate of registration with the Tax Inspectorate (HPI), a magazine cashier-teller (Form 4) proshnurovanny and numbered certificate of business registration at Companies House, the contract for the rental of retail space (copy). Documents darkness, and turn the tax authorities even longer. So it's best provide a registration procedure to third-party firms that specialize in this, give them power of attorney to conduct transactions and quietly enjoy their lives, while continuing to run their business. After a couple of days your cash will be registered by all the rules, and you do not spend a single nerve in dealing with tax authorities.

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