New Fair Trade Products

the online shop betterfair_ launches a new range of products from the world of fair trade in the spring. Under this motto, the new range of betterfair_ is Womanpower”. The online shop for fair trade products launches a new collection in the spring. Stylish great cushion from the Loktafaser, wax paper lamps, felt products for the Easter table, rice bowls and bowls of fast-growing bamboo from Ekobo in modern design, funny, imaginative soft toys set up a new page in the product world of fair trade. The collection of Womanpower is a successful project between producing women cooperatives in Nepal and Dutch designers. Not pure regional arts and crafts stands project in the foreground, but the innovation in this traditional skills and modern design to join the challenge.

Is an Association of 18 small businesses run by women Womanpower, that breaking the cycle of poverty through this work. All parties have committed the guidelines of fair trade to comply with and to implement. Produces a successful project that creates not only prospects for disadvantaged producers, but also products that are fun. betterfair_ is an online shop that feels fair products and shows that conscious consuming is possible without compromising on style and design. Suzana Wouda