To help the child to develop its self-control, if it makes necessary a poster or picture written clearly the minimum rules of functioning, as well as the instructions of each day, but one remembers that its son this fighting to surpass this deficiency in the nervous system and does not have to feel itself ashamed when to fail. The parents of children with TDA/H can feel themselves tired, abated, worried and tie certain frustration due the so great attention that he excuses to the son. Although everything, is important that the parents are conscientious of its necessities. To search support is basic for the parents how much for the parents how much for child. It talks with the professors of its son and together they look for I assist I medicate specialized. The Hiperatividade is a problem that has solution, specialized aid and the understanding of the family become the life of the much more happy child. To brighten up the conflicts of the child in house, Levy (2001, p.2) describes some item of as to deal with the hiperativo Estabelecer limits; to repeat the same instruction you vary times without losing the patience; To praise what the child makes certain; Not to full the room of animals of pelcias nor of pictures in the walls; I number to limit it of available toys for distraction; it prefers cups and plates of plastics and prevents to full the room of bibeauties, glass vases, therefore almost all hiperativo it has problems of motor coordination. (LEVY, 2001, p.2) As the child tells to Orquiza (2006) unconsciously who presents characteristics of upheaval of attention deficit/hiperatividade searchs conflict to stimulate its proper cortex daily pay-frontal, is a way to try to bind its brain. The parents of children with TDA/H comumente tell that its children are expert in leaving them brave, others still, that its children seem to feel themselves motivated making its animals of esteem to be brave, making irritating tricks or provoking them.

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