Speed Reading Person

When we talk about learning, it is primarily meant to receive any skill. Well, what is skill? This is when a person performs an action on automatism. Does, and while he did not necessarily look a guide to action – he knows what the next step to him perform. cking through. Theoretical knowledge, a skill? Very interesting question. If a person is cool lecture – it's a skill of presentation. If a person understands and remember the theory – it's a skill a good memory and learning. If a person is good at solving problems, displays the formula – it is just these skills.

Well, then, if a person just knows the theory and all? There's no skill. But possible? Only in theory. In practice, the qualitative development of the theory, a person must have a majority of the above skills. What this the conclusion? Skill is always a source of learning, he more important. Our task is to get this skill as quickly as possible and efficient. There are ways.

I do not describe themselves how, but I give is "digested" moments that have stood the test practice. Here they are adapted to the study speed reading. Studying Speed reading is useful to imagine the result you want to achieve. What should be the speed? And, most importantly, what should be understanding? If you set a task to understand and remember everything – you know, this is not correct. Remembers all just a computer, and that's why he can not think.

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