Toyota System

When the organization does not cross a good managemental moment or financial, it is difficult the implementation of methodologies that to a large extent depend on the change in the form to think and to act and mainly in the motivation. In a situation as this, the employees more they are worried in even though defending its permanence in the organization or in the market of work. Would be this then the ideal moment for the implementation of thought LEAN? If to consider that the Japanese had created the Toyota System of Production that has as premise thought LEAN soon after the chaos installed for World War II, the reply would be yes. However, we have that to stand out that occidental we do not possess the severity and the determination of the orientals. Thus considering, the reply it would be not. What to make then to give to beginning to this thought, taking itself in account the change of culture in an environment where does not meet the necessary motivation on the part of the teams? In accordance with (BERGAMINI, 2006), certainly the people are not the problem, but part of the solution.

When they enter an organization, they bring I obtain a variety of values, interests and talentos that influence the organizacional environment. The organization fits to find strategies that allow to transform these values, interests and talentos in efficient and productive actions. In case that contrary, it will have only one great contingent of people who do not nourish the lesser motivation for what they make. Not to become the work a suffering source, is necessary that the organizations understand that the people do not make the same things for the same reasons. They are different and interact with the environment of different, characteristic form that (BERGAMINI, 2006) she called Style of Motivacional Behavior. For me, the change of organizacional culture, either this of methodology or procedures, is total linked with the motivation.