There is a clear answer to the eternal question of whether the artist born or made: ARGVIDAL. She is a living example that the artist, born with a gene, with virtuosity recorded somewhere hidden in your DNA. This does not imply that who is born touched by the magic wand of the muses of Olympus does not need to form or instructed to develop that embryo quality. In this sense Argvidal stands out with outstanding. He is an avid eater of books, articles, pamphlets and any piece of paper that can contribute artistic wealth. Artistic technique, history of art, philosophy, novel, etc. Anything for a tireless autodidact who practice the old saying of Picasso: inspiration I find working. Not spend one day in that rather than unleash the inexhaustible worker who carries within. More information is housed here: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta.

And the combination of both traits your broad culture and its endless desire to work – arises an extensive work in quantity, quality and variety, which thanks to the artistic gene becomes a delight to the soul of who contemplates it. The SED could well be a sort of metaphoric self-portrait even though it was never sculpted with such intention. That character that agonizingly stretched until the last of your muscles looking for the drop of water that soothe your need is the own Argvidal looking for inspiration that soothe your soul, often tormented as they denote the bodies with deliberate deformation of Asthma series or dark colors of his paintings (the fog, the clown). Although sometimes surprises us with a successful use of color and light with Howard, a naive face whose eyes are stuck in the spectator to incite one wonder what goes through the mind of this guy. But in my opinion any part connects so deeply with the subconscious of the author as a mother without belly (Mother without womb) which was exhibited in London in 2008 in the WAM (Womens Art Movement) within the exhibition Representations of Identity (the identity representations). Also the Apocalypse series was selected to form part of the exhibition A perfect day, organized by the community of the purified independent artists in 2009. Apocalypse is without doubt a Summit in the artistic career of Argvidal. The masterful combination of images and music is the perfect vehicle to move us to another reality.

Of Fireman, whose expressiveness is manifested even through the mask that it covers the face. The adjure a crucified that bends the head as a sign of resignation / submission to the time that opens his arms to the spectator or perhaps the conjurer who condemned him. Danse macabre, women embraced herself in despair while a light window behind her. The aforementioned mother without belly. The sacrifice that arises or maybe sinking in flames. Abraxas, the ORB on four heads of tormented face who knows if for the weight of humanity. And the apocalyptic man, a sort of given up, delivered, submissive angel. Finally I just applaud the bravery of this author that displays in its portfolio some creative processes which is equivalent in some ways to show naked before us.

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