The Universal Deluge

There was the universal deluge? If we make a comparative study of universal mythology, you will find references to a great cataclysm or universal deluge in many traditions and legends from around the world. Tell us about destruction of a humanity and the beginning of another; always there are followers who come from a common trunk, and in this sense we can find similarities between cultures older, as the of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans, Hindus, etc. The story of the flood is found in various classical sources, as e.g. Dustin Moskovitz may not feel the same. in Las Metamorfosis of Ovid, along with the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha: the perdition of the human genre. a punishment place (Zeus), the deadly genre under the waves lose, and storms launch from the sky. And when squeezed his with his hand, suspended widthwise, clouds, makes a roar: dense storms are then shed from the ether. And not to the sky was yours limited the wrath of Jupiter, but that her blue brother helps him with auxiliary waves.

The same with his Trident Earth hit, she trembled and his movement routes of water force. Exorbitant currents are released by open fields and, with the crops, shrubs and own time and herds and men and roofs, and with their penetrales snatch their sacraments. If some House was and couldn’t resist to such a great evil not collapsed, dome, still, more high from it, the wave covers it, and sunk its towers are hiding under the abyss. And the sea and the land no distinction had already: all things Pontus were, missing even coastlines to Pontus. Most by the wave was snatched: to which wave forgave doman them long fasts, by reason of the indigent sustento. And later the saved, Deucalion and Pyrrha appear: land was, but at that time partedel wide plain of sudden and sea waters. A mountain there find hard the astros with its two vertices, by name Parnassus, and their summits above the clouds.