QA Manager Organization

The implementation of systems of quality management under the standards ISO 9000 series is has been spreading exponentially the last two decades in Latin America. It is increasingly common to find organizations with certified quality management systems. The senior management of each organization, promotes their implementation under the hope to have medium-term with more competitive processes, they can generate more revenue, and more satisfied customers. Organizations usually designate a responsible for implantation, usually a professional with expertise in organization and methods and reference standards domain. This person usually prepare a project planning, including the development of procedures, training programs and internal audits prior to the certification.

Started the process, the responsible officer, that from here we’ll call quality Manager, becomes a policeman who tends to be on the staff controlling the preparation and compliance with procedures, reviewing records and its correct application. After a couple of months of hard work, where all the staff feels overwhelmed by demand and permanent control of the QA Manager, the company manages the expected certification of its quality management system. Senior management celebrated intensely and makes all its officials participate. The recognition is extended to individuals who, having not been involved, also receive the benefits of being identified with the organization. The organization generally gives wide publicity to the achievement and creates an environment of constant and unceasing celebration. But after a few days, when it is decreasing the fervor of the celebration, and all the intense work of long ago begins to fall into oblivion, becomes at the same rate before the start of the project. Senior management is frustrated by the results, which are not more than the improvement of the corporate image; and their executives are going to swell the large list of those who think that the management systems are nothing more than marketing for the organization. Why is this happening?, really quality management systems do not bring the benefits that say they bring?, would not be ready really for this type of management? and there are even those who come to think that they chose a very benevolent certifying company.

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